Apartmentdock Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not covered here please contact our Membership team on who will be delighted to help.

Why Apartmentdock?


All bookings are done directly through your travel agent, if you do not have a travel agent please refer to our travel agency finder which will assist you to find your closest registered agent. We do not take any bookings direct from the public.

For Agents – You are required to register with us, once your license number and agency has been provided and verified, you will receive your personal log in details, you can then make your bookings and access all agency net pricing.


Times vary for different accommodation, generally between 14.00 and 22.00 for check in and 10.00 or 11.00 for check out , please refer to information for each apartment specified on its individual page, in the terms and conditions.

A supplier will do their best to facilitate an early check in if requested, however this is not always possible, especially if the apartment has been occupied the night before, and quite often they will not know until immediately prior to your guest's arrival.  We recommend that you consider booking the night before if your guest wants to guarantee access as soon as they arrive.


For some apartments an extra fee may be requested for a late check-in if, after 8pm during the week, on Sunday or during public holidays and depending on the apartment. Some apartments do not allow to arrive between 22pm and 9am. Please check the terms and conditions for each individual apartment.


Some apartments offer an earlier check in with a fee. Please check in the terms and conditions for individual apartments. If guests need certainty of an apartment being ready on arrival after a long flight we strongly recommend booking the apartment from the previous night to ensure an early entry.


Likewise the supplier will try to accommodate the request for a late check-out if possible,  However, if guests have a late flight out, we suggest booking the apartment for an extra night which allows the guest to leave as late as required and in their own time.


Some apartments have a key pick up on site, or they will arrange a greeter who will meet guests upon arrival, while others have a key pick up from a central office. Please check the terms and conditions for each individual apartment.

We will generally try to confirm the guests' arrival details approximately 4 weeks prior to arrival so we can ensure the supplier is prepared for their arrival. 


Yes all apartments are fully furnished and have linen and towels supplied.


Apartmentdock does not own, control or manage the properties and onc a booking is made or accepted the contractul agreement is between your client and the supplier.

From time to time problems will arise, and when they do, your client should liaise with the local representative to resolve any issues. 

Apartmentdock may try to facilitate the resolution of disputes, however the suppliers alone are responsible for their listings and service provision.  If the supplier fails to resolve the issue to your client's satisfaction, they can make a formal complaint to the local Tourism Office.



There is a heightened risk of sustained community transmission of the coronavirus in some countries, and we appreciate that this is a worrying time for travellers. 

In most countries, the advice to Australians to ‘exercise normal safety precautions’. For the coronavirus, this means taking sensible measures to minimise your risk of exposure such as practising good hand hygiene, however the advice level has already been raised for six countries: China and Iran – to ‘do not travel’; South Korea - to 'Reconsider your need to travel';  Japan, Italy and Mongolia – to ‘exercise a high degree of caution’.

We're closely monitoring official guidance from local governmental and health authorities and the World Health Organization in order to support the health and well-being of travellers in severely impacted areas.

France has confirmed cases of COVID-19 in all regions of the country.  If you arrive in France after visiting or transiting through China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, Iran or affected areas of Italy, you are advised to take precautionary measures.  France has enacted its public health response plan limiting travel to certain areas and cancelling events, however the travel advice from Smart Traveller for France hasn’t changed, with travellers being asked to “exercise a high degree of caution” and for the country and any countries travellers need to transit through to get there, and get home.  Follow the advice of local authorities and check with the nearest embassy or consulate of France to confirm entry requirements.  For more information go to: https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/destinations/europe/france or https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/coming-to-france/coronavirus-advice-for-visitors-to-france/.

The French Experience/Apartmentdock is an online marketplace offering short term apartment rentals from a selection of third party accommodation providers.  The French Experience does not own, manage or control the terms and conditions applicable to the properties.  To secure and guarantee each booking, we are required to abide by the payment terms and are bound by the cancellation terms and conditions set by the accommodation providers.  This means that the deposit is passed on at the time the booking is confirmed, and the balance is payable 8 weeks prior to travel.

We are approaching accommodation providers in severely impacted areas asking them to adopt a ‘forced/extenuating circumstances’ approach, allowing travellers to cancel without penalty where they are required to change or cancel travel:

  • In order to comply with disease control restrictions implemented by relevant governmental or health authorities
  • In order to perform medical or disease control duties in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak;
  • As a result of flight or ground transportation cancellations initiated by an airline or ground transportation provider due to the COVID-19 outbreak;

Locations and reservation criteria where forced/extenuating circumstances are currently being applied include:

For travellers with reservations in mainland China

  • Travel to or within mainland China, with reservations booked on or before 28 January 2020, with check-in date of 1 April 2020 or earlier.
  • travellers to mainland China from anywhere outside of mainland China, for reservations booked on or before 1 February 2020, with check-in date of 1 April 2020 or earlier.

For reservations with guests travelling from mainland China to destinations outside of mainland China

  • any reservations booked on or before 1 February 2020, with check-in date of 1 April 2020 or earlier.
  • travellers from mainland China with reservations outside of mainland China, or properties outside of mainland China with travellers from mainland China.

For travellers with reservations in Italy

  • travel to or within Italy, with reservations booked on or before 29 February 2020, where check-in date of 3 April 2020 or earlier.

For reservations with travellers from Italy to destinations outside of Italy

  • any reservations booked on or before 29 February 2020, with check-in date of 3 April 2020 or earlier.
  • travellers from Italy with reservations outside of Italy, or properties outside of Italy with travellers from Italy.

South Korea

For travellers with reservations in South Korea

  • travel to or within South Korea, with reservations booked on or before 25 February 2020, with check-in date of 23 March 2020 or earlier.

For reservations with travellers from South Korea to destinations outside of South Korea

  • travellers from South Korea with reservations outside of South Korea booked on or before 25 February 2020, with check-in date of 23 March 2020 or earlier.



New policies – probably not. Existing policies – it depends…

Most policy features, definitions, inclusions and exclusions pertinent to COVID-19 fall into the epidemic/pandemic category, so that’s where you generally need to look when trying to understand your policy coverage.

If you are trying to buy travel insurance now, it’s unlikely that you will be covered for coronavirus-related medical or cancellation expenses, apart from a few exceptions. However it may still be possible to achieve coverage via add-on Cancel for Any Reason cover (although Cover-More has temporarily suspended sales of this product).

Contact your insurance company to discuss your travel plans and whether you are covered if you cancel or postpone your booking.